Partnership for Success


An educational partnership with Pasadena public schools


Founded in 1990, Partnership for Success! (PFS!), formerly the Skills Enrichment Program, is a partnership between the Pasadena Unified School District and four local independent schools (Chandler, Mayfield Junior, Polytechnic, and Westridge).

Each summer, PFS! provides an intensive, five-week academic enrichment program to approximately 400 Pasadena public-school students who are chosen by their school principals based on academic promise and financial need. Once students are selected in their fourth grade year, they remain in the program for nine consecutive summers. This long-term commitment between PFS! and its students build their skills in math, science, and language arts. All graduate high school and virtually all graduates of PFS! go on to attend college, most at four-year institutions.


PFS! provides an intensive five-week academic enrichment program to approximately 400 Pasadena public-school students.


Westridge School hosts an all-girls experience for students in grades five and six.


The program is provided at no cost to the student.

During their two summers at Westridge, students take a variety of academic classes to boost their math and verbal skills, preparing for success in middle school. Classes are small (averaging 20 students) and their teachers are joined in the classroom by high school and college-age interns, half of whom are themselves graduates of PFS!. In addition to academic enrichment courses, PFS! students at Westridge have the opportunity to take classes in art, music, multimedia creation, and technology. Field trips provide adventures in the community, and the annual Career Day Luncheon allows girls to start dreaming about and planning their futures. Daily physical education classes and Friday swim days balance the summer days with exercise.

The program is provided at no cost to the student. Funds are raised from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Contributions are made by the four independent schools as well as the Westridge Parent Association. With the generous support of those listed below, this valuable and successful program continues to benefit hundreds of public-school students each year. 



The Ahmanson Foundation
Colin Allen
The Ann Peppers Foundation
John W. Bartlett
H.N.& Frances C. Berger Foundation
Edmund A. & Marguerite Burke Foundation
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Chandler School
East West Bancorp
Gretel Corsa
Duvon Davis & Wells Fargo Bank Team
Nora & Bien DeMesa
Ann Diederich
Fitzberg Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Gill
The Green Foundation
Joyce Greif
Elizabeth J. McGregor & Ian McGregor

Mayfield Junior School
Jose Melgoza
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation/Paul Haaga
Pasadena Community Foundation
Polytechnic School
Rebecca & Fred T. Potter
Carmie & Rod Rodriguez
Sara Rodriguez
The Rose Hills Foundation
Bristol Myers/Ted Samuels
Lori & Ted Samuels
Edmund & Mary Shea Family Foundation
James & Trevessa Terrile
Linda Davis Tolbert
Mr. Gamer Vartarian & Ms. Edith Navasargian
Helen & Will Webster Foundation
Westridge School
Westridge School Parent Association/Summer Opportunities Fair 



Iloakim Boutakidis
California Art Club
Leslie Carmell
Michelle Feynman
Devon Feldmeth
Margaret and David Mgrublian
Pasadena Unified School District
Edward Pickett
Kenneth Russak
Stephanie Suzuki
Jon Yen


Advisory Board Members

Elizabeth J. McGregor
Board Chair, Partnership for Success!
Head of School, Westridge School

Mike Babcock
Founder, Partnership for Success!

John Bracker
Head of School, Polytechnic School

John Finch
Head of School, Chandler School

Joe Gill
Headmaster, Mayfield Junior School

Kendis Heffley
Chief Financial & Operations Officer,
Westridge School

Julianne Reynoso
Executive Director, Elementary
Pasadena Unified School District

Carmie Rodriguez
Founder, Partnership for Success!

Ted Samuels
Community Member